Tuesday, January 05, 2016

New Site - I've Moved!

Hi there!

Looking for me? I've moved! You can find me over at www.lifestylestory.net 

Thanks for stopping by - I hope to see you over at the new space!

Have a beautiful day!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Watch this Space

Things have been a bit quiet here on the blog the past few weeks. The truth is, I haven't felt as inclined to post much, so I haven't. 
I've had this little blog here for three years. It has seen me through many seasons, has looked different throughout those seasons, and it even underwent a name change this past spring. 
In those three years I have grown a lot, my perspective has evolved, and I believe I have changed for the better.
The truth is, I no longer feel that this space as it exists now represents me very well, and over the past few weeks I have been looking deeper into why that is (I'm still sorting it out!). 
Does this mean I'm going to stop blogging? Not a chance! I really do love blogging - having this space has been instrumental in developing my writing voice, my photography, and my overall creativity. 
What this does mean, though, is that this space will be quiet for a while as I refresh, refocus, and renew the vision for what it will look like in the future. 
I will keep you updated as things come together - watch this space! 

Much love, 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Maybe I'm Crazy

Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy

     Taking outfit photos is a necessary evil when it comes to fashion/lifestyle blogging, if you ask me. I do love the editing process, and I don't mind so much other people taking my picture, but I still struggle with taking my own outfit photos. I feel like such a dork standing there with my tripod and remote taking pictures of myself. Confidence issues I guess.
     The other day I read and shared an article on my Facebook page about bloggers' awkward photoshoot moments. I definitely identified with more than one of the stories shared, and it brought me back to a particularly awkward moment when I was taking outfit photos: the moment my purse got stolen. 
     Yep. Friends, while the above outfit photos were being taken, a thief was at large! There I was, snapping away with my tripod and remote, my bag, jacket, and camera case in plain sight, only a few arm-lengths away from where I was standing, and someone snatched my purse when I wasn't looking. Awkward. 
     What makes it slightly worse for me is that it had taken me some time to gather up the courage to take outfit photos in a more public environment (albeit, a quiet public environment). This is a relatively quiet square in a friendly neighbourhood just down from one of my favourite pubs, not far at all from where I live, so I though it would be a great place to start. Ha!
     Only a handful of people passed by me during this time and I was so preoccupied with not looking silly that I didn't even notice someone riding by on a bicycle and swiping my things! I can only imagine what was going through his head when he saw me there. When I walked over to change my camera lens a little while later, my heart plummeted as I realized my handbag was gone, with my wallet, phone, keys, journal and e-reader in it. Dang. 
      To make matters worse, when I filed the police report I had to explain that I was taking photos when the theft occurred. I did mention that I had my tripod... but conveniently left out that the subject of my photos was me. I was mortified and utterly embarrassed. 
     The thing is, though, I kind of feel like I can take outfit photos anywhere now. Well, almost anywhere. I'll certainly go back to this location... I'll just make sure to keep my purse a bit closer to hand next time. 

     Cheers, friends!

This is a bit of a tongue-and-cheek version of the story now that I've had time to process it - you can read more about how I was feeling on the actual day HERE

Blouse: H&M
Belt: vintage
Skirt: vintage (altered from dress)
Flats: Ardene